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 I believe this to be a cross spider, although the coloring is very different to what I normally see.

WNY Fishing Maps

 One of the projects I’m going to tinker with this summer is building a set of Western New York fishing maps.  It’s kind of a sensitive area for a lot of fishermen, as bloggers such as myself need to carefully balance the desire to share information with the concept of protecting valuable local fisheries.  Rest […]


 Well, we paddled up the Genesee River to a little creek to have a look for walleye.  As such, we were geared light.  So we didn’t anticipate this fella!   Genesee River Pike from Kevin Webster on Vimeo. My father in law ran into this 30+ inch Northern Pike right at the mouth. And right […]

 It’s no surprise that kayaking is a very popular past time for athletes and water enthusiasts alike. However, if you’re heading out on the water for the first time, there are quite a few things you need to know before stepping into a kayak. While it is a fun and easy sport, being under prepared […]

3 Great Niagara River Dive Videos Fishgator New York Fishing

 It’s a fantastic piece of water (although technically a Strait, not a River). Here’s 3 great videos showing the bottom and structure of the Niagara River, and some of its inhabitants.