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Fishing for Tech Support – Using Modern Gadgets to Make Your Catch

The great thing about fishing is that it’s a pretty simple pastime. If you have a rod and a stool, then you’re set. However, this is the 21st Century and...


Fishing alone?

Over the past few years, kayak fishing has for the most part been a very social activity for me. I enjoy spending time out on the water with friends and...

Capsurz® cap retainer is a valuable part of my kayak fishing equipment.  I wear it on the bill of my cap as an unobtrusive adornment that I can quickly pull down to comforably secure my cap during high wind conditions.

Fishing Product Review| Capsurz Cap Retainer

It is rare that you find a product that does exactly what it says it will do. Capsurz® cap retainer is just that. Capsurz® cap retainer is advertised as a conveniently handy and comfortable accessory cord that will keep your cap on your head in winds up to 75 mph.

Kayaks in the snow

How To Winterize Your Fishing Kayak

How to prepare, protect, and winter proof your fishing kayak if you have to store it outside during the winter (especially sit on top, sitontop kayaks).

Yes, I actually duck taped my HTC Droid Eris to a fishing rod in the creation of this article...

Review of Free Fishing Apps for Android

Otterbox Defender Case for HTC HD2 Thus far in my journey as a developing kayak angler, I’ve relied upon the Gestalt approach of fishing where I’ve tried to gain an...

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