Fishing Product Review| Capsurz Cap Retainer

Capsurz® cap retainer is a valuable part of my kayak fishing equipment.  I wear it on the bill of my cap as an unobtrusive adornment that I can quickly pull down to comforably secure my cap during high wind conditions.
It is rare that you find a product that does exactly what it says it will do. Capsurz® cap retainer is just that. Capsurz® cap retainer is advertised as a conveniently handy and comfortable accessory cord that will keep your cap on your head in winds up to 75 mph.
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Size matters: A comparison of weight measurements and length-weight estimates for fishing tournaments

Figure 1. Modern bass fishing tournaments minimize the impacts of handling, but fish are not released at their original sites of capture.
Current catch, weigh, and release (CWR) scoring methods for sport fishing tournaments (particularly bass fishing tournaments) are aimed at conserving and improving sport fisheries compared with catch and kill methods used many years ago. However, numerous studies have shown significant fish mortality are associated with the CWR method that varies with temperature, handling time and conditions, and severity of injuries associated with the initial catch (White, et al., 2007; Nelson. 1998).
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How to tie the Fishgator Knot

I have caught numerous brown trout over 24 inches in length in Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes in New York using the Fishgator Fishing Knot.
The Fishgator Knot is tied in a way that prevents the line from cutting across itself, making it an especially superb knot for use with light monofilament or fluorocarbon line. It is a very strong and compact knot that also is less likely to catch on vegetation because when tied properly, the tag end points away from the main line.
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