Fly fishing the Upper Genesee River in New York

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Despite the cold temperatures, it was nice to have the sun make a brief appearance on this winter afternoon on the Upper Genesee River.

Kevin has declared this year to be “The Year of the Smallie”.  Smallmouth bass are my favorite species, so I’m all game for them to be the focus of our addiction – our drug of choice – for this year. To this, I’ve added an additional personal challenge of fly fishing.

Toward this effort, my son and I took to exploring the Upper Genesee River today in the Southern Tier of New York and made it all the way down to Allegheny County to a stretch just north of Shongo.

I knew there was purportedly trout water and smallmouth bass down this way and we gave it a try in the sub-thirty degree air temperatures.  We had some minor trouble with our rod guides icing up, but nothing too major.

No fish were caught, but at least I finally have proof that I fly fish to show on Fishgator (fly-catching might be another story), and we had a great time getting away for the afternoon. I know that I was using too heavy gear and flies that were too large, but at least I got in some practice casting.

My soon-to-be 16-year-old son has really taken to fly fishing – truth be told, he’s much better than I am…

It is great to watch my son, Alan, developing to become a skilled fly angler.

We are contemplating returning for a float and fly fish trip by kayaks sometime this Spring. I’ll try to be better prepared if we do!

guys,flies and pies Rochester, NY

Guys (and girls), Flies, and Pies!

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I’ve been waiting for the next annual Guys, Flies, and Pies since I first heard about it at the 2011 Rochester Sportsman’s Expo last March, where I met Michael Simmons, the event organizer. Michael was tying flies at the Seth Green Society Chapter of Trout Unlimited booth right next to our Western NY Kayak Fishing Association Booth. I had a budding interest in fly tying at the time (my son had beat me to it by a year or so…) and Michael told me he had just begun kayak fishing. He then told me about Guys, Flies, and Pies and invited me to come.  My wait is nearly over because IT’S NEXT WEEKEND!

Guys, Flies, and Pies is a public event in it’s fifth year running, and is an afternoon and evening of fly tying, demos, door prizes, raffles, and eating all the PIZZA you can eat (hence the “Pies” as in pizza pies…). It promises to be a lot of fun!

Here is the pertinent information:

Date: February 18th 2012
Time: 3pm – Midnight
Location: 3666 Latta Road Rochester, NY 14612
Cost: $12 at the door ($10 if prepaid via PayPal)
Website for more info:

Bring your vise and tying materials and join me! NOTE: It’s also not just for guys. ;)