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Kayak Fishing Gear

My recent purchase from 412 Bait Co.

Try “Boutique” Hand Poured Plastic Baits

  Do yourself a favor. Find a small-operation hand poured plastic bait company and spend some of your money on their products. Though I have spent my fair share on...

Shimano Banar Boat Deck Bag Review

Review of the Shimano Banar Boat Deck Bag Series

If you’re a serious kayak angler, you carry a lot of gear with you if you’re going to spend the day on the water. One of my recent purchases is...

Picture 2

Knot Right Kayak Fishing Show on NBC Sports

Over the last few years, we here at Fishgator have often pointed to Chad Hoover (aka Knot Right) and his website, Kayak Bass Fishing as outstanding resources within the kayak...

CapsurzĀ® cap retainer is a valuable part of my kayak fishing equipment.  I wear it on the bill of my cap as an unobtrusive adornment that I can quickly pull down to comforably secure my cap during high wind conditions.

Fishing Product Review| Capsurz Cap Retainer

It is rare that you find a product that does exactly what it says it will do. CapsurzĀ® cap retainer is just that. CapsurzĀ® cap retainer is advertised as a conveniently handy and comfortable accessory cord that will keep your cap on your head in winds up to 75 mph.

Kodak ZX3 PlaySport

Kodak PlaySport ZX3 – ideal for catch, photo, & release fishing

Kevin and I ordered two ZX3 PlaySport 1080 HD video cameras (~$120) in order to bring you the very best of our exploits in fishing here on Fishgator. The basic...

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