The Kayak Fishing Week in Review – December 3 2010

With the East Coast under attack by winter weather, and I personally looking out the window at 4 inches of snow (not bad by comparison), I think it's important to remember the fishing right now. Really. I have 5 months of this winter nonsense to deal with, so lets talk about the fishing.... Without further ado: some coldwater smallmouth, the future of freshwater kayak fishing, and a brand new fly rod to play with.

Juan Is Still Getting the Cold Weather Smallmouth Bass

Winter Smallmouth BassI generally like to spread the wealth, but this is 2 weeks out of 3 that Juan Veruete has posted pictures of BIG smallmouth bass caught in water hovering in the 40s. That's some solid work. You can read more about Juan's trip here: Black Friday SmallMouth Bass . Juan is an instructor and guide who runs the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania with regularity.

The Future of Kayak Fishing

Paul Shipman concluded his series of 5 articles on the Future of Freshwater Kayak Fishing. In it, there is discussion on the growth of the sport, the sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle differences between freshwater kayak fishing and saltwater kayak fishing. [caption id="attachment_13825" align="aligncenter" width="620" caption="Fishing at Conesus Lake as a fog rolled over the water."][/caption]

The New SAGE TXL-F Fly Rod

I did a brief review on this rod here: TXL-F Fly Rod Video Review. I think it has a lot of potential for some of the river runs I do for average sized smallmouth (1-3 pounders). It will pack nice, throw the kind of bugs I use on the Oak Orchard, and be able to muscle a fish a LITTLE bit. SAGE TXI-F Fly Rod - Christmas 2010 Fly Fishing Gift


Kevin Webster is a web analyst and internet marketer by trade, but spends as much time as humanly possible in his KC Kayak K12, kayak fishing. He is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Sensorcon, an American manufacturer of sensors and sensor technology.

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