Hand Made Top Water Baits

April 308_1750x1166
Tommy Ellis (@ghost1066 if you’re a Twitter head) was kind enough to send me two beautiful hand crafted top water baits to demo on the waters in and around Western New York.  When we first discussed this, he asked about the local forage fish, and...
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Size matters: A comparison of weight measurements and length-weight estimates for fishing tournaments

Figure 1. Modern bass fishing tournaments minimize the impacts of handling, but fish are not released at their original sites of capture.
Current catch, weigh, and release (CWR) scoring methods for sport fishing tournaments (particularly bass fishing tournaments) are aimed at conserving and improving sport fisheries compared with catch and kill methods used many years ago. However, numerous studies have shown significant fish mortality are associated with the CWR method that varies with temperature, handling time and conditions, and severity of injuries associated with the initial catch (White, et al., 2007; Nelson. 1998).
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Fishgator on Ice.

Fishgator on ice
Winters in Western New York are not kayak fishing friendly Nevertheless, Kevin and I have managed to become year-round anglers (See Winter Trout Fishing on Oatka Creek) .  Between the spring-fed streams that don’t freeze over and the lakes that do, there is plenty of...
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