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The Western New York Kayak Fishing Association is having its Spring 2012 Season Opener at 9am on 31 March 2012.  We will meet and launch at Bayside Boat and Tackle and will have our choice of paddling up into Irondequoit Creek or in the bay to fish. After fishing, we will plan to go have brunch somewhere nearby.

In past WNYKFA openers at Mendon Ponds, we’ve had to break ice to get to open water, so dress warm because it will likely still be a bit chilly.

Dress appropriately for the weather and bring your kayak and fishing gear. Most freshwater game fish and pan fish species can be caught in Irondequoit Bay, so you can target your preferred species.  It is a good time of year for catching brown trout and steelhead as they are moving up into the creek.

Here is the address for the opener location:

Bayside Boat and Tackle (right next door to Oak Orchard Paddle Center)

1350 Empire Blvd

Rochester NY 14609

Hope to see you there!

We will have our choice of fishing in Irondequoit Bay or Irondequoit Creek at the 2012 WNYKFA Spring Kayak Fishing Opener

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That’s right… err, Knot Right! Chad Hoover and Heliconia Press have released the full pilot episode and shared it with Kayak Angler Magazine. Knot Right Kayak Fishing is set for its NBC Sports television premiere on 30 March at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific time. You may watch this full episode before it airs, here…


Despite the cold temperatures, it was nice to have the sun make a brief appearance on this winter afternoon on the Upper Genesee River.

Kevin has declared this year to be “The Year of the Smallie”.  Smallmouth bass are my favorite species, so I’m all game for them to be the focus of our addiction – our drug of choice – for this year. To this, I’ve added an additional personal challenge of fly fishing.

Toward this effort, my son and I took to exploring the Upper Genesee River today in the Southern Tier of New York and made it all the way down to Allegheny County to a stretch just north of Shongo.

I knew there was purportedly trout water and smallmouth bass down this way and we gave it a try in the sub-thirty degree air temperatures.  We had some minor trouble with our rod guides icing up, but nothing too major.

No fish were caught, but at least I finally have proof that I fly fish to show on Fishgator (fly-catching might be another story), and we had a great time getting away for the afternoon. I know that I was using too heavy gear and flies that were too large, but at least I got in some practice casting.

My soon-to-be 16-year-old son has really taken to fly fishing – truth be told, he’s much better than I am…

It is great to watch my son, Alan, developing to become a skilled fly angler.

We are contemplating returning for a float and fly fish trip by kayaks sometime this Spring. I’ll try to be better prepared if we do!

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Over the last few years, we here at Fishgator have often pointed to Chad Hoover (aka Knot Right) and his website, Kayak Bass Fishing as outstanding resources within the kayak fishing community.  Chad has long been recognized for his down-to-Earth expertise delivered by  off-the-wall humor.  His talent is now gaining attention in the broader outdoor sports world, and this combined with Chad’s preparation and hard work has resulted in the development of Knot Right Kayak fishing Show on NBC Sports Outdoors.  Chad’s new television show will premier this Spring on Friday, 30 March at 1pm.  Hang onto your fishing rods boys and girls.  Kayak fishing is about to get a whole lot more popular! This trailer gives us a brief teaser.  We CAN’T WAIT!

While you’re waiting for the premier of the Knot Right Kayak Fishing show, you should check out some of the online episodes of Kayak Bass Fishing TV.


Lack of ice fishing due to warm weather prompted my taking up a new fighing related activity - tying flies like this double bunny strip. I'm nowhere near a proficient fly tyer, but still hope they'll catch fish!

It’s funny how unplanned things can lead to other things.  Early in the winter I was eagerly anticipating the coming cold weather with thoughts of getting onto the ice for some great fishing.  As the winter went on, it became apparent that thick ice (what I would consider safe) was not coming to Western New York.  I even had the opportunity on week ago to get out and do some some kayak fishing with Kevin because a lake that normally has a foot of ice by this time of the year was completely open water.

I wasn’t about to let the lack of ice stop me from some type of fishing-related activity this winter, so after I made a long-overdue upgrade in my prescription eye wear, I set about doing something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time, and began tying flies.  I’m still very much a novice, but I’m quite proud of my progress.  As it turns out, I really enjoy tying flies!

A re-purposed stainless steel medical roll cart makes a great fly tying bench!

With the help of some Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Christmas gift cards that were burning a hole in my pocket, I’m amassing a nice assortment of fly tying tools and materials.  This afternoon with help from my son who has been tying flies for the past two years, I even re-purposed a stainless steel medical roll card to be a fly tying bench.

Most of what I have tied over the last week is intended for bass fishing.  I can’t wait for things to warm up a bit so I can try ‘em out! | payday loans la puente | | discount cialis side effects