Kayak Fishing Black Creek

Wanted to post up one of my favorite pictures. I took this on a slightly over cast day, on Black Creek near the Green Way. Some of you will know this spot very well. Not sure I caught anything that day, but bumped into a...
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Creek Fly Fishing in a Kayak

Fell for a Muddler Minnow
Well, it’s January now, and I have a full season of fly fishing from my kayak under my belt. As a beginner, I found fishing in lakes to be pretty straight forward. Yes, keepeing the line off the water behind me was problematic at first,...
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LiquidLogic Kayaks Vision 44 Whitewater Kayak – $698.95

LiquidLogic Kayaks Vision 44 Whitewater Kayak Price: $1098.95 Sale Price: $698.95 The Liquidlogic Vision 44 is a breakthrough in freeride design. Its innovative rail, taken from surfboard technology, gives the Vision insane edge-to-edge looseness and drive. Designed to gain speed … more info. Note:  The...
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