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Below is a video that I hope will resemble a majority of my spring, summer and early fall weekends this year. You’ll note these guys stand quite a bit when they cast, something that I’ve never really found it necessary to do. Of course, I fish alone a lot, so it’s just safer for me […]

Nestled into the hills just a stones’ throw south of Rochester, Canadice Lake presents a wonderful opportunity for any fly fisherman who owns a kayak or a canoe. I’ve had the opportunity to dip the bow three times so far this season, and Canadice has yet to disappoint. I’ve taken 7 species on the fly […]

Fell for a Muddler Minnow

Well, it’s January now, and I have a full season of fly fishing from my kayak under my belt. As a beginner, I found fishing in lakes to be pretty straight forward. Yes, keepeing the line off the water behind me was problematic at first, but once I learned to keep my arm high, casting […]

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