Another failed bass fishing trip…

The water is really still too cold here for good bass fishing, but I tried anyway in a Lake Ontario Tributary west of Rochester, NY, for an hour or so after work this evening. I'm ashamed to admit that I failed... All I caught was a large yellow perch and this dink brown trout... [caption id="attachment_412" align="alignnone" width="472" caption="I had to "settle" for this brown trout because I couldn't catch a bass today."]paulbrowntroutapr2009[/caption] Lesson learned: You can catch anything on a 3" Gitzit tube! :D Fellow Western NY Kayak Fishing Association member Andrew Zioto provided an assist in helping me to land this one and managed to catch a nice smallmouth bass and brown trout. -Paul


Kevin Webster is a web analyst and internet marketer by trade, but spends as much time as humanly possible in his KC Kayak K12, kayak fishing. He is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Sensorcon, an American manufacturer of sensors and sensor technology.


  1. You're big on tube fishing… and the reasons are obvious.

  2. Man, you make me jealous! What a great catch!

  3. Ski Goggles says:

    Oh, really hate it when i keep sitting at the lake and can't find a fish.

  4. Wow trhat a big fish, dinner yum yum

  5. Wow trhat a big fish, dinner yum yum

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